Free 14 Day Trial

With Loop Backup, you can get started backing up all of your data in Google Workspace or Microsoft (Office) 365 in a few easy steps.

To get started with the free 14 day trial follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to Loop Backup

Sign in at with your Google Workspace or Microsoft (Office) 365 administrator account, then grant the permissions requested by Loop Backup to access your data:
In rare case it can take up to several hours for changes to take place across the whole Microsoft (Office) 365 domain so it may be needed to wait until all domain resources become visible and accessible to Loop Backup.

2. Click Protection which is on the menu on the top
This will show all your Resources i.e. Users, Groups, Teams, etc
Choose the User Accounts, Groups, etc which you want to Backup or use the Tick Box to Select All.
3. Then click Assign SLA
4. A window will appear select Gold and click Assign
That's you all setup with Loop Backup to automatically backup and protect all the data you have in Google Workspace or Microsoft (Office) 365.

The Backup will run several times each day, and you do not need your computer or server to be powered on or online.